Wars abroad vs. Hospitals in the USA

Mikkel Roland Egesberg: So I havent looked at the numbers yet, I dont have the energy for it just now, but it seems the US is in financial distress, and can’t make the budget fit, this is the basic definition of economics, how to use scarce ressources in an optimal way, and so too the US will have to decide, do we want to play “World Policeman” and touble foreign leaders with costly wars in return with regards to fiat currency and lives lost, or do we want the opposite with a strong healtcare system that saves lives? France has one of the best Health-care sectors in the World, but USA are newbies when it comes to public healtcare, where Barak Hussien Obama laid the Foundation with “Obama-Care”. At some point in time the Imperial overstretch for playing Hegemon on planet Earth will have have to be dealt with: Do we want healthy Americans or do we want new Vietnam wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, paying the high price with money and lives lost, but perhaps preventing a new 9/11, given that it was not a False flag operation (like bombings of Europe by Nato, blaming the communists as in Operation “Gladio”), so that the US Government could restore dollarization in the Middle East turning Iraq’s oil-money (petro-euros) into Petro-dollars once again, so that the USA could print US dollars once again, like there was no tomorrow, while keeping a large demand for the US dollars, because the World needed US dollars for buying oil. Also spreading Iraqs Fortune in Iraq in US dollars flow in by plane from the FED in the USA.

Also let’s not forget the 9/11 buildings and WTC7 had asbestos problems which would have required a very costly and long abatement, because of Asbestos, so perhaps the Americans just “pulled” the buildings just as said here by leaseholder Larry Silverstein:

For people who wishes to educate themself futher about 9/11: