European Parliament up for election…

So European Parliament election in action, The next European elections will take place between 23-26 May 2019… who stands to become EU President of the European Commission…? Here is something abou the European Parliament by Wiki:

The European Parliament (EP) is the only parliamentary institution of the European Union (EU) that is directly elected by EU citizens aged 18 or older. Together with the European Commission and the Council of the European Union it exercises the tripartite legislative function of the EU. The Parliament is composed of 751 members(MEPs), that is intended to become 705 starting from the 2019–2024 legislature because of specific provisions adopted about Brexit, who represent the second-largest democratic electorate in the world (after the Parliament of India) and the largest trans-national democratic electorate in the world (375 million eligible voters in 2009).[3][4][5]

Since 1979, it has been directly elected every five years by European Union citizens, using universal suffrage.

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